Trauma Coaching: Price for First Session:  R550.00 Price per session thereafter:  R450.00 Trauma recovery deals with reworking trauma so as to enable survivors to integrate the trauma into their lives. In order to achieve healing, they have to disabuse their notions that they are dysfunctional and different. Healing is said to begin when these persons start to reconnect with their strengths, identify defenses that previously kept them “locked into” the trauma and find ways to dismantling these defenses. Trauma coaching is largely a process whereby traumatized people are enabled to work through their distressing memories to the point where they feel better. While they will never be able to forget their most painful experiences, they may reach a point where they are able to have these recollections without feeling overwhelmed or seriously disturbed. Unless survivors have an opportunity to address their feelings regarding their abuse, these feelings may have an impact on their relationships with friends, lovers and their children, their self-esteem, their relationships with their bodies and their career performance. The goal in recovery is to enable the survivor to achieve “ordinary levels of effective functioning”, which would be: The ability to give energy to everyday life. Experiencing psychological comfort, instead of constantly experiencing pain and distress. The ability to experience gratification – to enjoy life’s pleasures when they happen. Developing hopefulness regarding the future; being able to make plans for the future, and displaying a commitment to these plans. The ability to adequately perform social roles as a spouse, a parent and a member of the community.
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