Transformational Coaching:  Sessions can be done One-on-One or via Skype or Telephonic ally or via mail.   Price for first session: R550.00 (120 minutes per session) R420.00 price per session (90-120 minutes per session)   Couple Coaching   Price for first session: R650.00 (120 minutes per session) R500.00 price per session (90 – 120 minutes per session) Transformational Coaching is a combination of many different coaching modalities, combined with the necessary processes to start transformation in your life. Each session is designed to give you a new perception and a new idea and to manifest change. Transformational Coaching will enable you to understand yourself fully, will empower you to take control of your life and will assist you to create a new way of being. In this coaching there are no assumptions – nor is it prescriptive or instructional. It will improve your life and change your mind set about life itself. I highly recommend it to people who want to change your relationship with current reality, improve self-expression, life skills, personal fulfilment, self- respect, self- love, life-balance and the acquisition of specific skills or knowledge. Any health or personal challenge can be raised, and a specific session or sessions  will be worked out  in order to transform this challenge. It is recommended to book sessions in a series of 3 sessions, each session is a week apart. Payment can be made in advanced or otherwise cash per session or per arrangement. It is expected of you to have commitment to yourself and to this work in order to start transformation. Time of session: 1-2 hours, process only ends after client totally understand the content and how to make it practical in their own life.   Your beliefs, values and perceptions is always respected during these sessions. What to expect: The First Session: The first session is usually combined with Strength Finder - Strength Finder is a development tool to give awareness and from there to develop your talents. It helps me to understand you better and  this is the beginning of Self Discovery inside your Top 5 Talents and how to manage these Talents in order to start celebrating who you are. If you have done strength finder previously, please send your Top 5 Talents to me, so we can have a quick discussion about them, then we will proceed to see what is your definition of love, success, leadership and your relationship with yourself. Each session will be developed for your need in order to bring an awareness, and an understanding of how to manage the challenges you are faced with. I will support  you on the healing journey with the necessary tools, skills and techniques. It was decided to Change this from life coaching to Transformational Coaching, as the combination of the different healing modalities in order to receive the healing result. Life Coaching skills and techniques as well as other techniques and modalities which I discovered by myself or through the courses I have done will be used during these sessions. Before each process, it will be explained to you what we will do and the process we will go through. A clear understanding; of the journey we will go on together in order to receive a healing result, will always be discussed and understand by the client.
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