Qlife Meditation Group What is this meditation group all about? We explore various types of meditations. We use the breath to still the logic mind so that we can move into a higher state of consciousness. Meditation gathering event happens once a Month, usually the last Tuesday of every month. It is a free-form meditation group, not based on a religion. This process will strengthen and improve your inner connection to your God. I usually do a guided meditation, which guides and leads you into a higher state of consciousness. Time : 7:00pm - 9:00 pm Cost : R100.00 per session Tea and Coffee is served. You can book on Facebook: Qlife Meditation Group or via cell phone: 084 779 6734. Remember to book in advance because space is limited. Rules: No judgement against race, religion, disease, age, looks, gender or sexuality. Expect to give 100% in the process. Space is sacred, treat it accordingly. Create a safe space for every person to discover a deeper part of their inner self. Be on time and not to leave the room until the meditation is completed. Some people experience emotions during the meditation, each person is given the space to heal and each emotion is valid and respected. All eyes is closed with a blind fold during meditation, so that people don’t feel vulnerable. More information about Meditation: Meditation is a Journey that takes us inward. It finds the treasure of our Inner Wisdom and renews our Compassion with all of life. Meditation supports us to Life in the Present Moment. The Discovery of who you really are, the good and the BAD. The Strengths and the Weaknesses. As we travel through life, we realise there is a stranger inside us, who want to communicate to us, but we are not willing to communicate to, and if we do it is very limited. As soon as this inner voice speaks, we push it away, we do everything but not listening, this cause many times the Destructive Nature of the human race. The Skills of Meditation does not lie in the technique but in your attitude. Meditation trains us to be present with what is inside us, our inner environment. At the end of these sessions, many times there is absolute silence and it is because there is a language that gets spoken, but it is a language of the Heart, a language of peace and centeredness. The Journey inward is like a carpenter who wants to make something out of wood, it is maybe not the wood he wanted, it is maybe badly curved or not what you wanted, but if you start working, u can start to create a Master Piece, because we are all Masterpieces of Creation. Look At what Michael Angelo Made, it is still standing today – A Master Piece. May you take this Journey Inward and discover the world of Possibilities, to control the Mind, Experience Healing, Inner Peace, Self-Love, and many more.
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