Qlife Coaching Workshops Mind Courses: Master Stress workshop  Duration : 1 day Workshop Price : R370-00 per person Stress is part of our everyday reality. It is an energy which has the ability to destroy our power and our inner potential.  Learn to master the energy of stress by understanding this energy and through mastering it with practical techniques. Raise your Self-awareness Workshop Duration : 8 consecutive week workshop Price : R170 per week.  During this workshop we will discover and reconnect to the True part of yourself. This workshop  will change the way you perceive yourself and it will change how you look at life. Discussion Topics:  Beliefs, Values, Forgiveness, Relationships, Disappointments, Self-love, Self-respect, connecting with your true self, Inner Power, Control.  Soul Courses: Discover your Spirituality Duration : 8 consecutive week workshop Price : R 180 per week. This workshop will give you the knowingness that you are a spiritual being, having a human experience. This course will cover the basic knowledge combined with practical exercises for you to understand and experience yourself as a spiritual Being.  Discussion Topics: The purpose of the Human Body, The four Stages of healing, The Power of Surrendering, The Ego, The Energy System, The Aura and how to cleanse and support your Aura and Energy System, Death, Spiritual Powers. Discussions + experience are part of the course. Meditation will also be included during some process work. Learn to meditate Duration : 6 consecutive week workshop Price : R 170 per week. I will introduce you to different meditation techniques and I will teach you how to implement each technique, so that they can become part of your daily life. Energy Healing Duration : 8 consecutive week workshop Price : R 370 per week. During this workshop you will learn to understand the language of energy. I will teach you different energy healing techniques. I will teach you how to use energy to heal yourself and others and how to open the energy centres within the body. 
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