Career Development Price: R2300 (120 minutes per session) Link your inner drive and passion with your career!  Develop Yourself and discover your talents – The world is waiting for you to express your Uniqueness. Grade 12 – Time to choose a career, which will assist you in living your own truth! We discover your talents and your inner self first, then we choose a career, based on your true identity! I use a combination of Tools and Coaching in order to determine the ideal career opportunities. More information on these sessions: Each Session is 1.5 hours long. Amount of session:  3-4 sessions. These sessions will happen preferably in a weekly manner and the amount of sessions depend on the level of satisfaction and knowingness and understanding of your career, where you will be able to express yourself and fulfil your inner and outer needs. Before the first session you will receive an on-line assessment which you must complete and forward back to me the results. This assessment will entail your Talents of your Personality. The Assessment Test takes 45 minutes to complete.  If other tests is necessary, it will be forwarded to you.  All tests must be done 2 days before appointment, in order for the necessary preparation to start for your session. Assessment is in English only. The First Session: The first session is usually combined with Strength Finder - Strength Finder is a development tool to give awareness and from there to develop your talents. It helps me to understand you better and  this is the beginning of Self Discovery inside your Top 5 Talents and how to manage these Talents in order to start celebrating who you are. If you have done strength finder previously, please send your Top 5 Talents to me, before the first session.
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