More about Quinton Mundell I am a compassionate and non-judgemental person with a great love for people.  I also believe in continuous personal development. I attend courses on a regular basis and read self-development books on a continuous basis.  I have completed many spiritual courses; subconscious mind and mind courses; psychological courses,  completed my certification in Spiritual Life Coaching by the healing Institute of South Africa,  Acupuncture  by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association of South Africa .I am an advanced level practitioner in Herbalism, completed my course  by the School of Natural Health Sciences. I am also a Life Coach Tutor at The Blackford Institute, an international life coaching company. I am currently busy to study Psychology through Unisa as well. My commitment to my  Students All information you share with me is confidential.  When I work with you I will always give my absolute best as I have learned from my teacher that nothing less than 100% is good enough.  I use processes and techniques in order for you to understand the impact certain thinking habits and behaviour has on your life. We will discover the light and the dark side of yourself and I will assist you to love and understand and to accept both sides of yourself –  as only then we are truly able to say we love ourselves.  What I require from my Students I enter a road of discovery with you and in order to achieve a magnificent result, I require total honesty and commitment YOUR 100%.
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